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Here at Animal Trust Society, we are always looking at ways we can make a positive impact on society and the animals within it. We engage in a lot of different activities within the community, and also have set programs we are constantly developing and improving on. 


The Animal Trust Society Community Assistance Program is an umbrella of services we provide to people, families and pets in need. Our CAP includes a wide variety of services including (but not limited to): food hampers, discount desexing, professional advice and assistance, discounted (and sometimes free) microchipping, health checks and assistance with understanding responsible pet ownership.


We provide a unique offering to the community whereby we utilise both internal and external resources to be able to deliver assistance to those in need. The Community Assistance Program is one of our most robust and varied programs and has a large footprint across Sydney and beyond. Whether it is a one-time interaction or ongoing case, we pour everything we have available into helping people and pets in need.


The Animal Trust Society is an all-inclusive community and we actively assist those from all walks in life. We pride ourselves on removing judgement, which we believe impairs ones' ability to truly offer help. If you are experiencing financial hardship, physical or emotional challenges, or just need some good old fashioned animal advice, please get in touch. If the animal in your life needs help, we've got you Fam!


"we only have what we give" - isabel allende

We rescue a range of different animals (not just cats and dogs!) from a range of different situations. Whether it is taking animals that end up on the kill list from a pound; private surrenders; neglect cases; or cases where the animal gets put in the "too hard basket" - we end up with all sorts.


The Animal Trust Society doesn't just take an animal, run it through its course and ship it off. We actively rehabilitate animals with physical, behavioural and emotional issues through specialist training and pure commitment. We are dedicated to the cases that we know are a challenge. At times, this means we may have fewer animals in care than a lot of other rescues, but our cases take up a lot of time, effort and finances.


We operate differently to most. Not only do we often work outside of the "norm", but we'll never take on a case that we do not have a succession plan, financial backing and specialist training for. This means we can pour the resources we do have into the cases that need them the most.


"change is the end result of all true learning" - leo buscaglia


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We have a curriculum designed, in-school program that we deliver to pre, primary and high school students. We focus on responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, pet therapy and animal safety. Animal Trust Society also delivers education programs suitable for community groups, council programs as well as other groups such as Aged Care, Specific Needs and Behaviour Programs.


We believe that education is key. It not only empowers people; but is the most effective method in securing animal welfare moving forward. Think: you don't know what you don't know. So... we'll show you!


"change is the end result of all true learning" - leo buscaglia

In NSW, all cats and dogs, other than exemptions, must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age. This is not only for identification, but for safety. If a cat or dog goes missing, the microchip is scanned and an authorised access person can access owners' details in order to have the animal returned.


Microchipping can be a costly exercise, with most prices ranging from $50-$80 at a veterinary clinic. The Animal Trust Society has a program that provides heavily discounted, and in some cases free, microchipping to members of the public to promote safety and identification.

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